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I’m best described as a certified workaholic, insomniac and a fun loving geek who can’t stay offline for too long. Taking time to travel and explore new places is a must as it’s my way of learning of new things and meet old and new friends. I love to work because I love being surrounded with my team. I love weekends because I get to spend time with my family and loved ones. I love to write and express my thoughts, that’s why I’ve got this blog …

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Pooh Bear. A good laugh with my sisters and family. Hanging out with friends. Coming up with business ideas. Online Marketing. Online Branding. A good movie. A great book. Being in a new place. Great music. TV series marathons. Painting (when time permits). Mountain view. Fresh air. Road trips.

While Waiting For My Flight Back Home

Rather than continuously staring at the clock that says that I still have one hour and fifteen minutes of waiting time left before we board the plane for our trip back home, I sit here happily tapping on my keyboard recalling the past two days events.

Last Tuesday, I once again did my last-minute-packing routine as I went home late from work printing reports to present and the agenda to take up for the meeting in Manila. At around 1 AM, I zipped my bag’s zipper and said my usual line --- “I’m all packed, I think.” I then prepared for bed and fell asleep at around 2. Here are my last two day’s activities


4:00 AM – Dad woke me up before my alarm clock (AKA my ever handy dandy note…. Cell-phone) could do its job as he is more paranoid at the thought of me missing my flight and of course, we just had to have breakfast together as that has always been our bonding time.

5:00 AM – Met up with AJ at the airport and checked in.

6:40 AM – Slept during the whole flight. Lol.

9:00 AM – Made it in time for the meeting. The meeting lasted for hours but it was well worth it because we were able to clarify some points for a project.

3:00 PM – LUNCH!!! LUNCH!!! LUNCH!!! And did I mention lunch? Yes, from 4:30 AM to 3:00 PM, approximately 10 hours and 30 minutes, I actually lasted without food. AJ and I were so famished that we actually finished off a whole layer of pizza and a plateful of seafood pasta.

Evening – Met up with Aileen and her sweetie (finally! I got to meet Jay!) and again, ate. Our generous hosts then took us to Serendra (first time I got to visit there) and I really enjoyed strolling through the place and then again, we had something to eat (see, our whole 10 hours of fasting was FULLY compensated with so much food!). Sister! You really wanted to get even with me for having you eat so much while you were in CDO huh? I think I gained weight in just two days in Manila. One of my highlights for that evening was when Aileen and Jay took me to Fullybooked. The inner geek in me just leaped with joy as I saw 4 stories of books, books and books (Last time I felt that excited was when I was about 11 years old and I was standing outside the doors of Toys R Us). Ahhh, the simple things that make Honey the geek happy. I just could not leave that place without buying a single book. Thanks for the very good recommendation sister! I really enjoyed the book. I finished reading it already. You were right, I finished it in one sitting :P

10:30 – Aileen and Jay brought me back to my hotel and I immediately got my notebook to proceed to the internet cafĂ© right next to our hotel. I was then able to check my mails and do a little work before going back up to our room to sleep at 2:00 AM.

With Aileen and Jay (Finally I got to meet Jay!!)


9:00 AM - Went around Makati visiting office spaces and checking them out for the possibility of renting one for one of our companies. I enjoyed the thought that there are actually several serviced-offices we can actually avail of for a quick setup. I think having serviced-offices in the business district is very convenient as businesses do need “transitional” offices to be able to operate while waiting for a bigger office.

After all the taxi rides and walking (and my feet hurting like hell ---- which by the way reminded me to get a new pair of office-boots that will go well with all of my slacks), I went back to Serendra (hihihi) to sit down and work while having coffee. Thank God for cafes and wifi, I still get to do my work even when away from the office.

Evening – Spent it with M&M (Mits and Monti – hahaha). We had dinner, which was their joint-birthday celebration and then hanged out at blue wave listening to Jimmy Bondoc and Top (previously Freestyle). I had a great time with them as we shared non-online moments together. You see, we only see each other online and I’m just glad that I get the opportunity once in a while to meet up with good friends. (Wah! I forgot to have a picture taken with Mits and Monti!!!! Next time time ... haha)

Now I’m checking on the wall clock again. Darn, 45 minutes more before boarding. I don’t want to bore you out with every detail and observation I have here at the airport – of the guy asleep with his mouth open, or the girl who has been texting ever since I sat in this area, of two ladies in front of me yapping, of an old lady who’s staring at the picture of Sam Milby in a magazine while another old lady (her companion), is reading an article about … liposuction. No, I will not bore you out with those details so I should end this blog now.

There. Two uber busy and tiring days that ended with great time with great friends! Aileen and Jay, Mits and Monti, thanks so much for the time. I know how you guys can be busy with work and I really appreciate it that you took time off to be with me. So, when are you coming over to Cagayan de Oro?


  1. Aileen Apolo said...

    You're welcome sistah! I'm glad that you finally met my Sweetie (pray for us!). Next time, MOA naman! Hehehhe. :p

  2. Stephanie "Honey" Caragos said...

    weeeee!!! sa uulitin sister! hahaha. I told my friend here that I don't need diamond rings nor fancy gifts to make me happy ... just be thoughtful and know the things I like just what you did ... taking me to fullybooked! hahaha

  3. g0ma said...

    .. picture with Aileen and Jay.. did somebody mentioned about the 'legs'? Irresistible ayt? =p

  4. ailema said...

    wow legs :)

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